Sunday, 21 December 2008

Stitched Christmas Card Exchange.... and More

Reveal Day for the JA/S&S Forum Stitched Christmas Card Exchange has been and gone so I can now show you all the beautiful card I received from Rebecca (no blog, as far as I know).

I love it and, after the festive season is over, I plan on taking the card apart and turning the stitching into an ornie, so I can bring it out and see it every year. :0)

My partner was Dusty and this is the card I made for her:

  • Design taken from a chart in Cross Stitch Collection magazine, Issue 162;
  • Fabric:16ct white aida;
  • Threads: recommended DMC.

Dusty was my partner last year and I stitched one of the Lavender & Lace angel freebies for her, finding out afterwards that she actually collects angel ornaments. This year I decided to stitch something typically British - hope she likes it. The stitched area is only stuck down with glue dots, so it can be removed and turned into an ornie.

I do enjoy this Exchange and have my fingers crossed it will be run again next year. :0)

During that busy Friday I had I managed to get my cardmaking stash out to make a couple of cards. I seem to have been very disorganised this year (more so than usual) so hadn't managed to make more festive cards earlier in the year, as is usual. Thank goodness for ready-made embellishments is all I can say! Here's the one I made for my friend Alex and her family:

This one I made for my Pen Pal Maggie:

Very simple and easy to make - am quite pleased with the outcome. The cardmaking stash has been out again since, this time to make a birthday card for Alex but I won't post a pic just yet as it will spoil the surprise, as she occasionally reads my blog. ;0)

Sea Stars still hasn't had any attention so far this week and isn't looking likely to, I'm afraid, due to too many other things to do on the lead up to the festive season. As next Thursday is Christmas Day I won't be SAL'ing then and on Boxing Day we are spending the day with my DSis, so won't be stitching then either. Currently I'm trying to get another little ornie done: the little DMC Baubles kit I bought from Ribbons & Bows on Monday kept shouting too loudly. LOL Am hoping finishing inspiration kicks in when it's done so I can finish both this and the internet freebie one I stitched the other week. Watch this space......... LOL

Saturday I had my second Reiki session with Aureen. I started out with plenty of time beforehand but it seemed to disappear very quickly and it ended up a bit of a rush to get there - I don't think that helped, as I struggled to relax as fully as I did the first time. It was still a positive experience though and I shall go back again, when I feel the need. DH met me in Il Sorriso afterwards, where we had some dinner, before venturing further down the street so we could buy a present for my niece, Erin - result, so that's a biggie crossed off my list. When we got home DH went off to join DS at a local school hall to set up for the Rising Stars Christmas panto (children's version of the LTC)........ that was the last I saw of the pair of them until just after midnight. As everything went so well, and because the meal provided wasn't a big one, they decided to go off for a late dinner in one of the Chinese restaurants in town after they'd finished.

Sunday DH had to work again, so disappeared first thing, and DS went off to the LTC Guild Room mid-morning, to do some jobs. I pottered around doing various jobs, filled all the bird feeders in the garden (taking my time, as it was surprisingly mild out there), made the birthday card for Alex, read a little of my latest book, spent time on the computer and with DH and DS when they came home. Perhaps it may seem boring to some but as it was Yule everything I undertook on that day has an extra meaning for me, as I count each thing I do as a Blessing and thank the Universe for them. Though I don't practice the full-on rituals many Pagans and Wiccans undertake I do feel each thing I do on the Festival days has an element of ritual about it when it is consciously done, to the best of my ability and with gratitude. :0)

Today is my usual jobs day and Alex will be coming round for a coffee and natter this afternoon, a little earlier than ususal as it's now the school holidays. So far I've had my breakfast, prepared all the veggies and meat for a beef stew that's now going in the slow cooker, tidied up after that, have washed out the bathroom, tidied round here and there and cleaned the kitchen sink and am now having a chill out with a ginger and apple herbal tea whilst blogging. Rick and another chap turned up around 9am and set to with the carport roof - it's gone quiet while they have the hot drink I made them, so it's currently nice and quiet...... though that won't last for long, you can be sure. LOL

Many thanks for all the help with the fennel. Great website link, thanks Karen - lots on there I fancy trying. Am much happier now I know what to do with it. :0)

Well, I've got a downstairs loo that needs the attention of some Harpic and a loo brush so I'd best be off.

Hope you all had a great weekend and a pleasant start to the week. Many thanks for visiting. :0)


Julie said...

Lovely cards.

Have a wonderful Christmas.
{love and hugs}

Christine said...

Lovely Cards Karan. You are right, the one from Rebecca would make a great ornament

Angela said...

What beautiful cards, both the stitched and handmade crafty ones.

Have a good Christmas, sounds like you have the place spick and span already.

Sally said...

Beautiful cards. I have a soft spot for robins ( they are my favourite birds) so I love the one you sent to Dusty especially.

Have a lovely Christmas!

Dani - tkdchick said...

YOur cards are just lovely!

Mylene said...

Beautiful cards, Karan!!

Happy New Year to you and your family!!