Monday, 18 August 2008

More Holiday and Afterwards

Do you like the new header? It's a pic DS took whilst on his walk around the Langdale Pikes. He took it from the "path" that goes up between Harrison Stickle and Pavery Arch and it gives views of Stickle Tarn to the left, looking down Great Langdale Valley to Lake Windermere in the distance - Elterwater looks like a little puddle in front of it. Stunning view!

As there were quite a few long, soggy nights - and some days - to fill on our holiday I got a reasonable amount of reading done. I finished Big Chief Elizabeth by Giles Milton, which I enjoyed more than Nathaniel's Nutmeg (just me being true to form, as I love anything to do with the Tudors and especially the Elizabethan era). Next up came Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, another enjoyable one (thanks for the recommendation!). Finishing that had me finally joining the Book Crossing site, as I didn't want to cart it home with me (have you seen it? It's like a flippin' doorstop!), and the thought of launching it into the wild to see where it travelled really appealed. Once all the details were registered I was initially going to leave it in the Stickle Barn but then changed my mind and left it in the Brambles Cafe instead. So, if any of you are in the vicinity and you fancy a free read...... LOL.

By the time Labyrinth was finished we'd had the trip to Rheged and, as well as the cardmaking goodies from The Paper Shop:

I came away with a Pagan book and another one on the Pendle Witch Trials which became my next read.

It's quite a fascinating piece of social history that gives an insight into the prevailing mind sets and the religious upheavals at the time, both in Britain as a whole and particularly in that area, which gives a new slant on what led up to the trials and subsequent hangings. I finished that today, so have to decide what I fancy reading next - there's plenty of choice with all the books I bought from charity shops in May, plus what I also bought from Rheged and the 2 Ravens:

Remember all that holiday stitching I took with me? Well.......... in the end I didn't touch any of the ongoing projects at all *blush*
I did start on some early Yule/Christmas stitching though, does that redeem me any? LOL I started the plastic canvas Santa ornie kit and really got on with it the first week, then the knee pain kicked in and put me off everything, so progress seriously dackered off after that. Here's where I got to with it:

I picked it up again on Sunday night, whilst watching the Batman Begins DVD, and have done a bit more of the backstitching but not enough to make another pic worthwhile.

When I returned home there were two surprises waiting for me from stitching friends:

Helen had kindly offered to send me the chart of the AOY Sailor Boy design she knew I wanted to stitch as a memorial piece to my Dad, which is to be a companion to the Raggety Ann design I stitched for my Mum. When I opened the package I found that Helen had also very kindly sent the fabric, threads and needle to go with it, so I could start stitching it straightaway.
The other surprise was from Barb who had very kindly RAK'd me this chart from my Wish List:

It seems I enabled her at the same time, as she was browsing through my WL for a look-see, as you do, and fell in love with the design too. :0)

The generosity and kindness of stitching friends is amazing: they always have the knack of knowing what to say, or they do something really kind with perfect timing, that helps give you a boost and cheers you up. Thank you so much Helen and Barb (((((hugs))))) - every time I look at your gifts I get a big smile on my face and know I am Blessed by your friendship. :0)

I also came home to find that my blog has gained three more awards and I've also been tagged - more of that in a separate post, as this is already another long one. (Helen: it will be a dinnertime sandwich with two coffees read at this rate! LOL)

Thank you for taking the time to visit and if you've got this far you deserve a round of applause. ;0)


Anonymous said...

I have Labyrinth on my ipod to 'read' whilst I'm in hospital. Cute little Christmas stitching.

I love your header photo. That really is a stunning view.

Julie said...

Welcome home Karan ... I'm sorry you were not well on your hols, thats no fun.

Don't fancy the walk up that hill, or the caravan on the rocks!!! think i am a wuss.

Great pic DS, i like the new header.

I've been reading Barbara Erskine books, Karen recommended them to me.

Angela said...

Recognised the header straight away and worked out where it was taken from, but then I do walk an awful lot in the Lakes. In fact I know the location of the site you stopped at as well although I've never used it myself. I've always thought the vans look like they could disappear down the hill with only a little bit of help.

I must investigate the book exchange thing. When I'm camping I often leave books I know I'll never read again at a site and often wonder where they end up.

The stitching looks good

Carol R said...

If like Labyrinth try Sepulchre by Kate Mosse too.

Nicola said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday Karan, despite not being too well. I had to look twice at the photo of the caravans in your previous post as they all looked as if they were leaning over! LOL Of course I soon realised it was all to do with that hill. We like the Country Harvest shop at Ingleton too. We go ove there for tea when we're in the Dales. They do some lovely frozen ready meals, just right for us as the kitchen in the cottage is quite small. They are a good compromise to eating out all the time.

Christine said...

Sorry you were ill while you were on holiday Karan, but it looks as though the scenery went some way towards making up for it.
I was looking in Tesco for a book to take on holiday the other day and I had real trouble finding one. Seems like since The Da Vinci Code every other book is about an academic stumbling upon an ancient mystery...

Mylene said...

Great stash for your cardmaking and books too. Enjoy!
Santa is coming along great.

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Karan I am sitting here with tears in my eyes I laughed so much at the last comment. I am still on the first coffee but was just thinking I really could do with something to eat when I saw that comment - oh I think you know me too well.

As for the kit you are more than welcome my friend. I loved stitching those little boys and I know you will enjoy stitching it for your Dad.