Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Deja Vu?

You may get a slight feeling of deja vu between this post and the last one, as Guenevere puts in yet another appearance.......... those Tuesday nights seem to be whizzing round at a seriously fast rate of knots (who can believe it's almost September already!). There are some differences though: she's now gained a chain stitch collar to her dress and about two thirds of the border has been stitched since the pic in my last post.

Both are in sparkly metallic rainbow thread, so it was slow going...... which means the anticipated HD won't be happening just yet. Hopefully there will be one next week - I've even got a new Egyptian-style music CD for the occasion. :0)

As for other stitchy things:
  1. I've completed all of the stitching on the plastic canvas Santa, got all the pieces cut out and picked out a backing fabric but haven't managed the finishing, so far, as things got a bit busy over the Bank Holiday weekend.
  2. I couldn't start the next part of the Ozark SAL as the charts were too small to see clearly so I had to wait until DH could get them enlarged for me - he's brough them in with him tonight, so I may start that tonight.
  3. No start on the Monthly Challenge piece either and I'm fast running out of time - I love the chart but think I may just have to bow out this time round.
  4. I picked up Night Watchman a couple of nights this week, saving him from neglect, but there's not really been enough progress to make a pic worthwhile.
  5. Have now got everything for Ink Circles Sea Stars and the SAL starts tomorrow (Thursday), so the next job is attaching the fabric to the scroll frame.

I've almost caught up with all my blog reading and commenting - only a couple more to get to now. Quite an achievement in itself, as there was loads to read.

Hope all in the UK had a good Bank Holiday weekend, as we did.

Saturday was Brigg Farmers Market, so DS was up and out to that with Alex first thing. DH and I went to a Mind, Body and Spirit event over at Elsecar Heritage Centre, near Barnsley. The centre itself would be worth a day trip on its own (we plan on doing that some time) but all our time was spent at the event. We didn't have any treatments - it was too busy and neither of us would have felt comfortable being on show to so many folks - but we did do a little shopping. I treated myself to a lovely incense burner from the Spiralling stall - where I also buy my incense from - and a 2009 desk top diary from the Magik Thread book stall; DH bought a second hand copy of a Culpepper's Herbal book; there were two blouses from an ethical clothing stall (this particular Cinderella shall be able to go out in those) and I couldn't resist a crystal wand of rose quartz and fluorite. An unusual combination and a talk with the stall holder revealed why I was drawn to it: fluorite is good for working on bad shoulders and neck and rose quartz is good for emotional balancing. As a 40-something pre-menopausal female who regularly suffers from shoulder and neck pain it explained why I had to pick it up and then felt an instant reaction to it - it is also a very pretty piece to look at. :0) I also had my Tarot cards read but with a different reader to usual (she was fully booked). It was interesting: many things she mentioned tallied with what I'd been told by the reader I usually go to and it was also good to compare someone else's style/technique. That night I handled the crystal and used it on my shoulder and neck as I laid in bed - I went on to have the deepest, soundest sleep I've had in a long time. :0)

Sunday DS was up and out early for a swimming session with Alex and her kids. DH set to changing the tap on the bathroom sink......... it took him most of the day, as he was feeling a bit "off". I pottered doing jobs in the house and garden, supplying DH with warm/cold drinks and having a blog reading catch up.

Monday we all went to a local garden centre for dinner, then had a look round: I'm still looking for a tree for the back garden and some of the pansies have now died off, so we wanted something to replace them. We came away empty handed because the sun was so hot it made us all feel a bit iffy. DS spent a quiet afternoon on his lap top (well, as quiet as any shoot 'em up strategy game can be) whilst DH went for a lie down and I sat out in the back garden, in the shade, with a cool drink. Still can't believe that: Bank Holiday Monday and it was sunny and hot! LOL Refreshed by his nap DH then went on to taking out the bathroom sink plug hole and replacing it with a new one that has an integral pop up plug.

Tuesday: DS was back to work and DH (he gets an extra day off for this one) nipped to Screwfix first thing for some bits to finish the plumbing job, then finished it. We've now got nice, shiney new fittings on the sink that all work properly - unlike the bits he took off! ;0) He then got ready and went off to a fishing pond out at Messingham for another of those man-bonding sessions with his work colleagues. He's getting a dab hand at this fishing lark too, catching 7 or 8 reasonable sized fish this time out (which made up for the zero catch on holiday). Meantime I was busy doing all the jobs I usually get done on a Monday, as Alex was coming round for a natter a day later than normal. Alex stayed a couple of hours and left around 6pm then DH got back around 6.30'ish feeling nicely chilled out. As all the fish he caught went back into the pond at the end of the day we had smoked salmon from the Farmers Market for tea instead. LOL

DH was back to work today, so it's back to being on my tod again. I've been sorting through all the stuff DH took out of the bathroom cupboard so he could do the sink jobs and all I can say is: how on earth did we manage to fit all of that in there? Plus: yuk, time for the congealing out-of-date stuff to go before it gets up and walks out all by itself! If I don't post again you know it's got me. LOL

Thank you for taking the time to visit and for all the lovely comments - very much appreciated. Hope you're all having a good week. :0)


Anonymous said...

That blackwork looks stunning!!
and sounds like you have been busy.
Hope the crystal works for you!!

Julie said...

Guen looks wonderful, i'm looking forward to seeing your SS SAL.

Miss 376 said...

must be nice to be getting near to the end of Guenevere. She has been worth all the hard work

Lynn said...

Gen is looking really good, can't wait to see it finished :)

Sounds like you had a lovely time out and about, wish they had things like that around here !

You've got a little something waiting for you over on my blog ;)

Karen said...

looks like you have been busy, glad you had nice weather on monday here it was very overcast lol, Guenevere looks great .
Your DS and my DH would get on well lol all those dead bodies laying at the bottom of the computers.
I have often made fobs and bracelets using rose quartz and fluorite they are 2 of my favourite stones, just getting back into making things with stones now

Sally said...

You're not the only one who thinks she may be bowing out of the SAl challenge this month. I haven't stitched since Sunday!

Guen is looking lovely. I am sure we'll be seeing another Mr Stick helped finish before the end of the year:)

Clare - Aimetu said...

You are certainly busy - your stitching is looking very good.

I was on my tod too today - I enjoyed being able to get on withmy jobs but it was a bit quiet.

Stitchingranny said...

I blew her up - or at least her picture for a better look and I can actually see that there is rainbow chain stitch round her neck. I would love to see this in real life as I am sure she is far more sparkly and colourful than she appears on her picture. It will be an HD soon though Karan so keep it up.

How about a picture of your crystal wand it sounds so pretty.

Mylene said...

Guenevere is looking beautiful!! You are nearly done with this one or probably finish by now.