Saturday, 5 June 2010

Stitching, Gardening, Cardmaking and Chatting

After being really good last time around and having two update pics to show - Mother Earth, as well as the tiger - I'm now back under the naughty chair once again, as only the tiger came out to play this time. You can carry on blaming the garden for that because I've been out there whenever the weather allowed..... and that just doesn't leave enough time to put needle to fabric. Still, the tiger has grown some again:

He's looking a lot less disgruntled and much more dignified now, don't you think? LOL I thought I'd have this done in a couple of weeks. Hah! Seriously underestimated that, didn't I? Perhaps if I didn't garden, go to Development Circle or out to the garden centres.... and if I didn't need to eat or sleep too, I might have managed it. ;0)

As for the garden: it's fast becoming obvious that I'm a dab hand at container gardening, as they are all looking rather good now (even if I do say so myself!).... and there have been a couple of additions too - a wall hanging trough and a new small pot; it's also fast becoming obvious that I'm not too hot on the larger scale. The lawn is kept trimmed and tidy but the rest...... well, let's just pretend that you all believe me when I say that it's being left as a wildlife garden. LMAO Rather than post lots of photos I've made a slideshow for you all to view what I've done so far:

Take a good look at the pic of the strawberry plants and compostor - that area should be changing soon. Our lovely neighbours, the two Pete's, have done a job trade with DH: he fixed the electrics in their workshop and, in return, they are going to come round with a rotavator and flatten the area where the strawberry pots and compostor currently are and help us make a base for a greenhouse. We've already made a start ourselves, by moving the compostor and its contents this week - those lighter and cooler nights are a blessing! We have also been to have a look at some greenhouses and have more or less decided which one we would like - an alteration to the original plan, which was seeing if another neighbour would sell one she had that was surplus to requirements. DH is quite tall and, as he fancies pottering in there quite a bit, we need one that can accommodate his height comfortably - so the ones we've looked at have the option of higher eaves and a taller door. It would be so good to get it all sorted and have some tomatoes and cucumbers growing in there before it's too late in the season. :0)

All that bending in the garden has done for my back, so those magic needles my acupuncturist uses have been helping me with that. What it also needs is for me to rest up a little.... but that's not something I'm overly good at - if the weather is fine I want to be out of doors and once out there I find myself pottering, rather than sitting. I shall have to grab a book out of the huge pile and force myself to sit during this current warmer spell though, or I'll really start to suffer.

It hasn't been all gardening and stitching though, as I did finally get around to having a cardmaking session earlier in the week. Nothing too fancy - just basic matting and layering of some Habico pre-printed pictures. Here's another slide show for your perusal:

As you can see, I've also been playing around with my blog layout. DH and DS are out at the Guild Room today (Saturday), helping to lay a new level floor, so I have lots of time to play now my jobs are done. I think I've finally settled on a blog look that I like.... but don't quote me! LOL

I did get my new glasses..... unfortunately I keep forgetting to ask DH to take some pics. Well, it's not my most favourite thing to do. LOL Hopefully I'll remember for my next post, so you can see the total new look. :0)

Oh, before I forget: last week was time for another first for me. As DH and DS were both involved in the Blackadder II performance (DH was stage manager - DS had a small part in it and crewed backstage for the rest of the time) there was no one to go to the theatre with me. So, as I really wanted to see it..... I went on my own. Yup, drove myself there, sat and watched the performance and then drove myself home again. It was well worth the effort too, as I really enjoyed the show. I do like being this strong and independent person. :0)

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to stop by for a visit. Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather and having a great weekend. :0)


Lesleyanne said...

Your garden and cards are lovely. Congratulations on driving yourself to the theatre.

Maggie said...

Your tiger is coming along great, he's very Majestic looking!

Love the little slide shows of the garden tubs and card making, good idea and easy on the eye ~:-)

Have a good weekend, hope it will stay nice next week so we can enjoy some more outdoor time, like you not much stitching for me either this week, we have to make the best of the sun when we get it don't we?

Take care

Miss 376 said...

You have the perfect excuse to stitch tomorrow, the rain will keep you indoors. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

Christine said...

How lovely to see your garden slideshow. The osteospermum in the watering can is gorgoues and I love your face wall planters.
Great progress on the tiger

jane said...

Tiger is looking great and your slideshows were fun to watch, I love your pots of plants, wish I could get mine into shape I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the new greenhouse and well done on going to see the show on your own.

Hazel said...

Gorgeous garden Karan! Love all the flowers. x

Angela said...

The tiger looks stunning already.

Your pots are very impressive, with so many to care for it's no wonder your running short on stuitching time.

Mylene said...

You have made a good progress on the Tiger and i love your blog lay-out.

Thanks for sharing your garden and cardmaking slideshow.

Happy weekend!

Virpi said...

Your tiget looks great.

Julie said...

The watering can looks great all planted up.

Tiger is looking stunning!

Well done on your solo excursion

Siobhan said...

Lovely garden, and your cards and stitching look great!

Barb said...

Good work on the pots Karan and I do like the face ones on the wall.
The tiger is beginning to look rather impressive and cards too ,you have been busy.
Like the idea of a slideshow is it difficult to do.
Put some pics of my garden on my blog but I am afraid you have to trawl through them all.
HUGSto you.

Sally said...

Your tiger is looking brilliant Karan!

DUSTY said...

The tiger is wonderful. I love your garden and your cards.