Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Christmas Revisited and the Garden.... Again

Due to the total lack of any stitching being done - not even a token few stitches in the Weekly SAL piece, to keep me from going under the naughty chair yet again - I thought I'd show you the Christmas ornies that were revealed when I moved a stack of stuff off a table earlier today. It's amazing what you find lurking, ain't it? LOL

This first piece was stitched some time ago and I finally got around to finishing it towards the back end of last year... I just didn't keep the momentum going enough to actually post a pic of it at the time.

Design: Hardanger Christmas Tree
Designer: Lynda Bodkin - LoopyLou Designs
Fabric: Polstitches 28ct evenweave, Fairy Footprints
Threads: hand dyed, as supplied in kit
Finish: pillow style ornie with beaded edge

After checking in my stitching diary I've just discovered that this was actually stitched way back in 2005.... and I only got around to finishing it in 2009. Oops! > hangs head in shame< Mind, I do have an excuse: I was finishing phobic back then and it wasn't until the Monthly Challenge began on the JA/S&S Forum that I plucked up courage to actually start trying different types of finishes... and the rest is history, as they say. It just took me a while longer to rediscover this stitched piece in the back of the cupboard and do something with it. BTW, that's a piece of Kate's Kloth hand dyed felt backing the hardanger cutwork area..... my stock of that is slowly diminishing and Kate is no longer producing her lovely goodies, so I won't be able to replace it once it's all gone. Does that count towards making these pieces Heirloom standard, me wonders? LOL

Next up is an ornie that I stitched and finished in the same year, I'm pleased to say. In fact, it was stitched and finished on the same day (12th December 2009).... but only because I used a pre-finished tuck ornie that I was lucky enough to win on eBay. LOL

Design: Peace, internet freebie
Designer: Elizabeth's Designs
Fabric: Polstitches 28ct Jobelan, Ice Ltd Ed
Threads: Weeks Dye Works; Carrie's Creations; Wisper thread
Finish: Tuck style ornie, pre-finished

This one was a delight to stitch, as I Love ED pieces... several in my stash that I must dig out and stitch at some point. 

I also discovered some more Christmas ornies that I stitched last year but they are in a little heap, waiting for me to get into a finishing mood. Unfortunately that just hasn't happened recently... guess it's packed its bags and gone off on holiday along with my stitching mojo.  

Still, whilst the stitching mojo has declined the gardening mojo seems to have gone into overdrive. Why does it have to be either or? Why can't we have our cake and eat it? LOL Anyways, earlier this week DH and DS moved the other strawberry planter and removed some of the slabs from the greenhouse base area, then DH did a bit of weeding there, which left us with this:

DH then spent another evening removing the slabs you can see in the foreground and removing the rest of the weeds, then the two Pete's came round with the rotavator on Sunday and flattened the whole area for us. This is what it looks like now: 

We've left the slabs there because we need to re-lay some of them: a path at the end of the workshop, to allow access to the greenhouse door. The door will be at that end so we have all of the growing area within facing sunlight throughout most of the day. The other path will be at the side of it, in line with the one to the workshop. DH wasn't the only one who had been busy out there, as I'd been busy tackling the last area along the new fence, the closest section to the house... the most weed intensive and full of snowdrop and bluebell bulbs. So I did the weeding and went on a bulb rescue mission, whenever it was cool enough to be out there, as the area will end up covered by a patio. Here's what it looks like now:

The soakaway is a temporary measure - when the patio is laid there'll be a water butt in the corner to collect all the run off and that will be used to water the plants. And here's a pic of one of the self-set plants (snapdragon, I think - don't know the posh names) that I left in the border... it's just starting to come into flower now:

Other news: DS has got a part in the LTC's next production, which is An Inspector Calls. Lots of lines to learn, so he's going to be busy! He's also had an interview for a new job today (29th) - it's within the same company but at a different site. It's a big step up the ladder from what he's doing now, so will mean more money to go with the extra responsibility. Fingers and everything else crossed!

DH's Dad (86 years) is currently in hospital undergoing tests. He was getting extremely breathless and that was discovered to be caused by fluid build up in his chest cavity, which has since been drained off, but that has only just been done.... and it's almost two weeks later and we're still none the wiser as to what's actually causing it. So much for merging two smaller hospital's into a much larger, all-singing and all-dancing one.... there's a severe lack of organisation and a worrying lack of communication between all levels of the staff working there (he would have been injected with Warfarin the day before he was due to go for a biopsy if he hadn't queried it!). Thankfully he's been gradually improving during the enforced bed rest and the drainage has helped his breathing.

We are due to go on our annual holiday at the weekend, going to the same cottage in the Langdale Valley, Cumbria, that we stayed in last year. We are hoping that FIL will be OK so we can actually go.... especially as we don't have Cancellation Insurance... mainly because DH doesn't think it's necessary. I sometimes find it really hard to bite my lip.... I'm sure every woman out there will know exactly what I mean. LOL

Thank you for visiting and for all your lovely comments - I really do appreciate it and they really do make my day. Hope you're all enjoying the same lovely weather we've been having. :0)


Miss 376 said...

Don't feel guilty about the finishing. I have a whole portfolio of stitched pieces waiting to be finished one way or another. Hope you manage to get away, sounds like a holiday is needed after all the work in the garden

Barb said...

Lovely update Karan,you are making great headway with your garden ,when you have finished we have a little more you could do if you are hooked lol.
Oh the little ornies are so sweet especially the SHEEPY one.
Hope you get to go on hols and FIL continues to improve, it is a worry when parents get older and unwell. Hope DS manages to learn all his lines .Take care and safe journey see you when you get back for another update!

Barb said...

Meant to say love the Cottage state of mind, I may need to borrow that at some stage lol.

jane said...

lovely ornaments Karan, and don't worry I have items which need finishing which are much older...
Your garden is coming on very well, it's going to be lovely once it is finished. I hope your FIL continues to improve and you get some answers from the medical staff.
Hope the stitching mojo comes back soon!

Elisa said...

Nice finishes Karan...the garden bug sems to have bit us both!!

DUSTY said...

I love your ornies Karan, I think I have the kit for the tree somewhere in my stash. sigh !! Maybe now that I am retired I will get round to stitching it. Your angel figurine is gorgeous. I love angels.
Sounds like you enjoy working in the garden. I don't mind getting out there, I just don't know what I am doing. LOL

Christine said...

Great ornies, I particularly like the Hardanger one.
Hope your FIL continues to improve and you have a nice holiday.

Mylene said...

Lovely ornaments! Ah, i too have many many stitched finishes which needed finishing-- discover while sorting and packing.

Hope your FIL continues to recover.

Have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday.

Jackie said...

Hey Karan, nice hearing from you, hope everything goes well and take care of yourself, enjoys your holiday, wish i can go too....sounds like an interesting and relaxing place to be !

looking at your FOs, makes me feel like the weather has become much cooler as Christmas is coming...HO HO HO

Sally said...

Very pretty finishing Karan. I think we all have pieces waiting to be finished from way back. I know I do!! Lol!

Hope you manage to get away and that your FIL continues to improve.

Siobhan said...

Your garden is so lovely! You're making great headway with it. Love the stitching! Enjoy your holiday--it sounds wonderful.

Vinniey said...

Your garden is beautiful, Karan. I love all your ornaments, all of them are beautiful and unique! :) Sorry that I couldn't comment on all your posts lately, I was overwhelmed with jobs and party, I was behind on blog reading and I haven't had time to read and comment too much. I hope to catch up soon.

Julie said...

My finishing off pile is as bad as ever, its the bigger things that just get put away and left

the garden is looking great, just think of all those homegrown goodies that you'll be harvesting next year - your stitching time will suffer even more then LOL

Hope you're having a lovely rest on your hols

Thoughts and prayers with FIL

Virpi said...

That hardanger ornament looks awsome!

Always smiling said...

Stitching is supposed to be a pleasurable hobby so I don't fret if things get left!
Looks like you're going to be busy gardening. It is a wonderful way to be peaceful and feel rewarded!
Just posted some garden pics on my blog which include my carrots
Chris x

Dani - tkdchick said...

I think I have that same stack of ornaments to be finished too!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Loved catching up on your blog... can't wait to see the finished greenhouse. Lovely stitcheries as always.

Hazel said...

Your finishing is great. I love the ornies. Your garden looks a lot better than mine believe me. x