Monday, 12 April 2010

The Usual...... and a Cute Teddies Giveaway

Once again it's time for the usual weekly progress update on Mother Earth. Yes, it's getting boringly predictable... but persevere, as there's something nice afterwards. LOL  So here's where I got up to this week:

Although I'd enjoyed stitching those trees it was so nice to be able to stitch in some different colours. There are still some of those trees to stitch but I'll get back to them when I've done a bit more of that blue first. :0) I didn't get as much stitched on this as I'd have liked but that was because I wasn't feeling too great for some of this week... and I'd also been busy doing some other things (more of that later). Am feeling much more in the mood for stitching now, so hope to get a lot more done this week. :0)

During the last few weeks it occured to me that two Blogoversaries have slipped past without my realising it, resulting in no celebration.... nope, not even the letting off of a celebratory party popper or three. And my blog has recently hit another milestone too..... over 50 people have now added themselves as Followers. That one still amazes me - all those folks thinking this blog is worth stopping by for a visit! How cool is that? :0) This then led on to thoughts of having wanted to do something after my operation last year, as a thank you that the ovarian cyst was benign and for the operation and recuperation having gone well..... but time got away from me, as I got busy doing things again. 

There's also the new Baby to celebrate, along with my recent return to driving. Yes folks, I had my first refresher lesson on Thursday (8th), followed by a second on Saturday (10th)..... and both the instructor and myself have lived to tell the tale..... and both her car and mine still in one piece too, not a dink or scratch on either. ;0) LOL The Instructor boosted my confidence big time when she said there was no point in my having any more lessons with her, as my DH could sit and do what she was doing...... because everything I need to do is all there, I'm doing well, and all I need now is practice. So DH bravely sat in the passenger seat while I had a tootle out in my car on Sunday - still in one piece, though maybe with a few extra grey hairs..... and he swears the nervous tic has absolutely nothing to do with it. ROFL Actually what he did say was that I'd done very well.... I think I surprised him.

We also carried on with the clearout this weekend: DH has been going through all kinds of paperwork, shredding/filing/recycling as he went, resulting in a full blue recycling box and three bags of shredded paper going to a local animal sanctuary. We've also got an old cupboard out of the living room (currently sat in the hall - going to phone a local charity to come and take it) and pushed DH's armchair back.... suddenly the living room looks a whole lot bigger. Getting DH motivated to do this has taken a long while, so I definitely consider it worth celebrating. LOL

Another plus is that the new Craft Room is nicely taking shape too, after a looooong wait for it to get started. Getting things organised for that is unearthing things in my stash that I've decided aren't to my taste anymore and others that I know I won't get around to stitching..... which led on to my next thoughts: yes, I have many things to be grateful for and many extra Blessings to count..... and I'dreally  like to share some of the happiness..... spread a little good Karma around...... hopefully brighten someone's day, so I thought I'd have a few random little giveaways whenever the mood takes me.

I decided to start with cute and you can't get much cuter than these three little fellas:

Two Christmas kits because, lets face it, you can never start your festive stitching too early, can you? LOL And the other one makes me think of Spring, so thought it was appropriate for the time of year (btw, the packaging got damaged for this so I've popped it into a new bag - contents are fine/all there though).

There are no rules to this giveaway and no having to advertise it on your blog (unless you want to). All you have to do to enter is say so in the comments. No worries if you don't...... just keep an eye open for future giveaways, as there might be something in one of those that appeals to you more. I'll get my DH or DS (depends who I can pressgang is around at the time) to pull a name out of the glass fruit bowl Crystal Chalice of Fortune next weekend and I'll pop the winner's name in my next post on Monday 12th. :0)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Thank you for stopping by and for the kind comments you leave. Good Luck if you join in the giveaway. :0)


Virpi said...

I should refresh my driving skills too. I don't like to drive in the big city. I would like to try my luck with your giveaway =)

Julie said...

Well done on the driving, you'll be able to say to DH now 'shall we go in your car or mine' when you are off out somewhere LOL

ME looks great.

Cath said...

Well done with your driving. I stopped driving for about 5 years after an accident , and it takes some nerve to go back out there again.
I'd love to enter your giveaway too , thanks.

Christine said...

Sounds like the driving is going well.
Great progress on ME

Daffycat said...

It's good news your driving "lessons" are going so well. You will be driving with confidence in no time!

Vinniey said...

Well done on the driving, Karan! 6 years ago, I can't believe I can drive and I don't dare to take a driving course... but now.. I can have my snack while driving. :) I would like to enter your giveaway too.

Tracy said...

Great progress they do take some doing but I think they are worth every stitch when their finished, good luck with the driving it sounds like your doing great x

Mylene said...

You are moving along well with ME and great job on the driving, Karan.

Sally said...

ME looks absolutely wonderful Karan!

Well done on refreshing your driving. I bet you're enjoying it!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm enjoying your weekly progress reports! Keep going!

Angi M said...

Well done with the driving refreshers Karan, I would love to enter your giveaway as the teddies are really cute and I know just the person to share them with.

Siobhan said...

Good for you on the driving! Nice progress on your ME. I'll pass on the giveaway, but thanks for the opportunity!

Karyn said...

High five! That is a huge accomplishment, I hate driving but must do it otherwise I could easily let hubby drive everywhere, you're doing great, kiddo :)
I love your progress, she is looking lovely.


CindyMae said...

Wonderful progress!! Congrats on doing so well with your driving! I am not going to enter this giveaway as I have to many Christmas things on my list already and I am sure that someone else can use these more than I but I will be looking out for future offers!

Always smiling said...

Hi Karen
Lovely to read all your newsy bits..and the stitching is gorgeous.
Hope you continue to gain confidence with your driving and well done DH to come with you. I drive my hubby around when we are out and about so I get to know Coventry more and also to keep my hand in as it were!
Hugs and Blessings
Chris x