Monday, 5 April 2010

All Kinds of Progress and a Confession

Another slightly late posting but I do have a good excuse this week: yesterday (Easter Sunday) DH, DS and I were all over in Derbyshire, visiting DH's Dad and step-Mum, doing a belated Christmas present swap (we couldn't get over there at the time, due to my op and recuperation) and catching up with all the news. FIL is in his 80's nd MIL in her 70's but both remain very active and look much younger than their years. Of course the visit meant an early start and a late return, so no time to take pics or post on blogs during Sunday.

So, without more ado, here is last week's progress on Mother Earth:

Just a few random stitches and lack of time stopped the completion of yet another page. The next page has a much smaller section to stitch so am hoping it won't take too long to complete it.... it will also be nice to get on to some lighter colours, so am looking forward to stitching on that sky. LOL

As for other things: I haven't yet managed to have another drive in my baby as we've been busy - soon, I hope.
DS caught the sort-out bug over the bank holiday, so we tackled some of the loft clutter/junk. The result: the back of his Mini (back seats lowered) was filled with a dead printer (yes, DH had snuck one into the loft, to avoid it going last year!) and an old monitor, a dead kettle and assorted polystyrene infills and cardboard. When that was full he moved the car round the corner so we could get DH's on the front, to load it: that got filled with loads more cardboard (all empty, flattened boxes); a big red tub full of junk; two crates full of Tetra Paks for recycling; a black bag full of assorted cr*p and an old fibreglass sheet that came off the metal shed we got rid of last year. It was extremely satisfying to see all that lot go into the relevant skips at the amenities site. :0)

Last week also saw the arrival of the new furniture for my Craft Room and the start of the major organisation of all my stash, stitching and cardmaking. It's meant quite a few trips up and down the stairs and is going to mean a whole lot more before it's done. I'm taking the view that the enforced exercise is going to do me good and will help towards the fitness levels and weight loss I would like to achieve before our holiday in the Lake District in July..... I just hope my knees can hold out. LOL

I've taken some pictures, as promised, but they're not great - the room is small, making it impossible to get the right angles to take decent, overall, ones. Here's a view of the filing cabinet and some of the bookcase, in situ:

Only the first two shelves are in because those are the only two that I knew where I wanted them. Mind, the other three shelves couldn't go up anyway, even if I did know whereabouts I needed them, as they are all damaged. Nope, I wasn't a happy bunny when that was realised.... and we haven't been able to get them swapped yet, due to it being a bank holiday weekend. Plus whoever sorted this order can't count, as they also didn't send enough of the fixing screws to fit the final shelf, so we need to get that sorted too.
Here's a bit better view of the bookcase, which has since had about eight jigsaw puzzles stacked on the very top, their temporary home until DH puts up a shelf for me:

There's a funny gap left in the corner which I'm hoping is big enough to take one of those slimline bookcases, and that'll be used to store the things I don't use very often. As you can see some of my stuff is already in there. The piles on the top of the cabinet and on the corner of the table are kits: those are being sorted into themes (ie: Angels; dragons; historical; Christmas etc etc) ready to be filed away. I didn't dare take a pic of all of it........ DH might use it as evidence, trying to boost his argument that I already have enough/too much stash. Huh, what does a man know about what constitutes enough/too much, when it comes to stash?????!!!!! ROFL

Here's a view of the new computer chair:

I think it goes quite nicely with the colour scheme and, as you can see, has already come in useful for the kit sort through. LOL

It's been quite a voyage of discovery, this sort through. It's been punctuated with exclamations of: Ooo I'd forgotten I'd got that! and Oh, I so want to stitch this now! and the final one, when it was all stacked up: OMG, I'm going to have to live until I'm at least 200 to get through this lot - and I haven't even started on the charts yet! But please don't tell DH I said that - it'll back up his enough/too much theory.... and that "I told you so" look he'd give me would drive me crazy! LOL

OK, so now it's confession time: my name is Karan and I am a cross stitch stash addict. SABLE has most definitely been reached.

BTW, it was a whole lot of fun getting there. ;0)

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit. Hope you have all enjoyed a lovely Easter weekend. :0)


jane said...

Sounds like you have been really busy Karan - your craft room is really taking shape now and your chair looks soooo comfy! I know exactly what you mean about the stash, although it is nice when you re-discover things you had forgotten

Stitchingranny said...

My name is Helen and I also confess to being a SABLE.

Now its my turn to be green - wow that chair would look so much better in my room lol. I love it and had to shout my DH to come see. You know that look you get - well i got one just like it as he shook his head and walked out without comment lol.

Chars said...

Loving your new space :) Its always nice to re discover stuff :)

Miss 376 said...

It's quite good fun sorting through everything. Thought you'd get a few surprises.

Barb said...

Karan I l-o-v-e the colour you have chosen for your room and it is all coming together.You and me both having life expectancy overload.What a busy time you are having at the moment.

Vinniey said...

I love your purple craft room (my favorite color)! I will never tell my DH when I have new stash. :) I promised, I will not tell your DH. (LOL)

Christine said...

The craft room looks great. Its amazing what rooting through old stash can discover

Julie said...

Fabulous chair, it looks so comfy. It's always nice to re-discover stash, nearly as nice as an envelope through the door LOL
My lips are sealed - DH wont hear about the stash mountain from me.

Brigitte said...

Sorting through, organizing and playing with stash is one of my favourite pastimes, lol. There's only one thing slightly better, and that is stitching. Your new stitching room looks great.

Andrea said...

A lovely new space to fill. Love the colour scheme, especially the chair. I didn't know they came in super-duper colours just boring blacks, blues and browns.

Mylene said...

Your Craft room looks lovely, Karan. Enjoy!

Jackie said...

will there b a welcome craft party ? it's gonna b a cozy hangout!

Siobhan said...

ME looks great, and the craft room--fabulous! I'm glad you had a good Easter. :)

Susimac said...

What a great space you have there, it will b wonderful for you when its all finished, the discovery of old stash which you forget about is almost as good as buying new stash LOL!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! You've gotten so much done on Mother Earth she's looking fantastic!