Monday, 10 November 2008

Stash, Sea Stars and a RAK

Thursday night's curry and a DVD was fun: we watched Ironman. I shan't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet - all I will say is that there was plenty of action and there are some really funny one-liners in there, so we'll be watching it again some time, to pick up on the stuff we missed through laughing. It also meant I didn't get quite as much done on Sea Stars but hopefully I'll make up for that this week:

The stash I ordered from Sew & So arrived on Friday morning - boy, is that place speedy! Here's the accessory pack I ordered........ the chart just sort of fell into my basket while I was there. Well, you can't just order one item from there, can you? LOL

It's to stitch the Winter Garden Sampler which you can see here Helen. :0)

DH came home Friday night around 8pm - only about half an hour earlier than he usually gets home after a trip there, so the Winter timetable hasn't made much difference to that. He wasn't swinging his bag much: he'd brought back three bottles of his favourite wine, stocking up for Christmas.

Saturday morning the accessory packs from Cross Stitch Stuff arrived via First Class Recorded - another speedy despatch. Very impressed with the service, so I shall be going back there in the future. :0)

I think you've seen the Birds of a Feather design but the Gingerbread Garden Sampler can be seen here Helen. :0)
There was also a pinkie from Jayne which contained my November Clubs of lovely Polstitches fabric and Carrie's Creations threads:

As DH was a little jet-lagged and had had a brain-hurting session over in Italy we had a quiet day at home. He fell asleep on the sofa in the afternoon, bless him. I kept myself amused with the computer, a little stitching and some reading. I finished reading the Barbara Erskine book - there's more about that over at The Reading Corner.

Sunday we went to the final Mind, Body and Spirit event of the year, held at the Lincolnshire Showground - so glad we were inside as the weekend's weather was awful. I didn't manage to have my cards read, as my usual reader was fully booked, so I opted for having an aura photograph taken instead..... which led to some healing from the very nice couple who took my pic, which was a lovely experience. DH had some electronic acupuncture done and we also bought a few things too..... but I shall go into the day in more details over at my other blog, as it would all take up too much room here. :0)

This morning I had a nice surprise in the post: a chart from Val which made me smile big time.
Another one that I shall be aiming to stitch for next Samhain. :0)

Most of today has been taken up with house jobs, getting things straight before Alex's visit. It was good to have a catch up. Tonight DH went to the local IEE lecture but is back now, so it's a quiet night in front of the TV - after yesterday's day out we need the rest. LOL

Christine: re: your comment on Night Watchman. I'd just like you to know that that mental image will probably stay with me for a very looong time. LMAO

Hope you all had a good weekend and gentle start to the week. Thank you for visiting. :0)


Christine said...

Sorry about that ;) Product of a scientific mind I'm afraid. LOL

You'll be relieved to know Sea Stars doesn't reming me of any internal body parts. It is looking great though.
Pretty good few days stash wise too.

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely week you have had, that will definitely be keeping you busy for a while

Sally said...

Wow Sea Stars is really coming along well Karan!

Nice new stash too. I love ordering from Sew and So. As you say they are so fast! I ordered some fabric last week and it was here the next day. Need to go order some more but holding off!! LOL!

Angela said...

What a great set of additions to your stash. Can't wait to see some of the stitching it produces.

Julie said...

SS is looking great, we all need some laughter, its the best medicine isn't it LOL.

Great stash, gingerbread cottage is so pretty, i'll enjoy watching you stitch that one.

Hope the healing helped you

Karen said...

SS looks great I still can't face mine at the moment lol
lovely stash

Stitchingranny said...

Im choking here. Well yes you know Im nosey (you put enough links in for me thankyou) but of course being as I am I just had to go back to the last post and read Christines comment!!!!!

Im think i may have the gingerbread one in my stash somewhere and the Bird I have as its from TGOS but not seen the other before thats really lovely.

I just need to keep off here and stitch more lol.