Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Bright Eyes and Birthdays

Another UFO Tuesday has been and gone and Night Watchman stayed out of the bag so I could finally work on him, not the background. By the end of the session there were a couple of bright eyes staring right back at me:

Didn't quite manage the full face but there were quite a few fractionals in there, so I took my time to make sure they were right - didn't fancy a frog visit for those. Christine: I hope this means that it no longer looks like a trachea and a pair of lungs. LOL

Today was another good post day due to the arrival of a pinkie from Jayne. This one had my COM fabrics for this month and next:

I'm a very happy bunny as I love both of these colours. No idea what designs they'll be used for yet but am sure something will jump out at me before long. For the moment it's just nice to know they are residing in my stash. :0)

I now have my partners details for both of the JA/S&S exchanges I joined........ and let's just say I have deja vu with one of them. LOL I already have a couple of goodies for the No Stash for Christmas Exchange and have ideas for the others, so that's nicely in hand. No idea yet what design to stitch for the Christmas Card Exchange but I know what my partner likes, so will go chart hunting tonight. I'll be much happier when I know what I'm stitching and have the fabric and thread sorted, ready to go. :0)

There are two birthday's looming large in this house, so I had a play with my cardmaking goodies this afternoon. First up was the card for DS, as his birthday is on the 14th:

I love that swirly "beer" backing paper - hope I can find some more of it soon, as there's only a small amount left now.

Next up was a card for DH, who's birthday is on the 17th:

Unfortunately not the right colours for Lewis Hamilton but I don't think he'll mind that too much. I found that printed backing paper in a pack I bought a while ago from the sewing shop down my local High Street - had no idea it was in there but glad it was, as it's perfect for the card. :0)

The cardmaking was also a distraction: I'm on a fast from 8.40pm tonight, ready for having some blood taken by the Nurse tomorrow morning, round at the Doc's Surgery. Trying very hard not to get wound up about it as she's also checking my blood pressure again - fingers crossed it isn't too high and the blood tests come back OK or they'll be shoving pills at me on my next visit for certain. :0(

I also had a bit of a ferret through my stash this morning with a view to setting up a NAY (Not Another Year) basket. I first saw this mentioned on Lelia's blog and she is having great success stitching up all kinds of lovely pieces that had previously been long term residents sitting in her stash, just waiting for her to get around to them. I love the idea, so I'm now going to gradually pick out small designs from my chart stash that I really want to get stitched soon and get them kitted up with all that's needed, add in a couple of small kits from my kit stash........ then gradually work my way through them when a break is needed from the larger projects I'm stitching. Hopefully the result will be a gradual whittling down of my stash and a growing stack of assorted finishes. Wish me Luck! LOL

Well DS has had a pitstop long enough to be fed and watered, use the facilities and get washed and changed before shooting off to a Panto rehearsal - just call it Hotel Smith. LOL DH has phoned and he's going to be home late, so I'd best go and get myself something to eat so I can enjoy it before my "Nil By Mouth, apart from water" deadline. Think there might be something of a stitching frenzy going on here tonight, don't you. ;0)

Many thanks for all the kind comments, they are very much appreciated. Hope you're all having an enjoyable and productive stitchy time. :0)


brokenfairy said...

Night watchman looks great!!
I have got my COM fabbies today as well and they are a great additon to my collection!!
Great cards

Christine said...

Yep, the lungs have gone! Definitely an owl now, and a handsome fellow at that.

Miss 376 said...

Hope all goes well tomorrow. Lovely to see a face on the owl, he can see everything now

Angela said...

The owl looks great.

Love the cards.

Hope all went well at the doctors.

Sally said...

Hope it all goes OK this morning Karan.

Wow Night Watchman is looking stunning!

Lovely new fabby and cards for your DS and DH. We have a November birthday in our house. Abi is 14 on Sunday! Where did the time go?

Stitchingranny said...

Nightwatchman is looking good now he has appeared at last lol.

I like the idea of the Not Another Year basket but I have a whole load of NAY wips I would like to get done first.

Julie said...

Loveing nightwathcman, he's going to be great.
Hope the tests go well, will be thinking of you in the morning.
Cards are lovely.

Elisa said...

Some lovely cards and WIP pics.

I also love the fabbies, I received mine today :)

Nicola said...

Night Watchman is going to look fantastic when finished. Your birthday cards are wonderful.

Hazel said...

Great Owl Karan! Sounds like you're going to have a busy exchange month. x

Karen said...

night watchman looks great hope the blood tests went ok

Mylene said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your DH.
Your cards looks great as always.

(Sorry, been pretty behind with my blog reading too.)