Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Webshots Demise

Hi Folks
Due to Webshots (a free service) changing over to Smile (a paid-for service) I have now deleted all of my Webshots albums. Unfortunately this means that all slideshows on my blog are now no longer visible. I have decided not to bother searching round for another photo hosting site that allows slideshows as I really do not want to waste time having to upload pics to it to repost.
I have also had to add verification of comments, plus disallow anonymous users commenting, due to being inundated by pain in the ass spammers.

Due to this and a severe lack of stitching mojo I am currently trying to decide whether to delete this blog altogether because nothing much stitchy-wise has been happening here to make it worthwhile posting any updates. What is the point of having a stitching blog if there's no stitching to talk about - right?

To be honest, this year my real focus has been on my Development work: I started out on my Path with the intention of becoming a healer but it seems Spirit has different ideas because most recently the Reiki has taken a backseat and I've been concentrating my efforts on honing my skills as a Psychic Medium.... though the Platform Mediumship has gone right out of the window too. Yes, a total turn-around - 2012 has been a year of surprises and reassessments.
So no Reiki II taken. There was also a No given to P about the Platform demonstration work in Churches, as I work far better within small groups and in one-to-one's. There are no plans to do either for the forseeable future, though they aren't totally ruled out either. What is happening is that I shall be setting up in a little business.... as an angel card reader, involving intuitive Spiritual guidance and mediumship. It seems I have, with Spirit's aid, a knack of pinpointing those things in people's lives that are blocking and holding them back from moving up to the next level of awareness, (usually involving loved ones who have crossed over, so they are unable to get resolution otherwise)... and Spirit want me to help those people who come to me to face and release those blocks, so they can heal and progress. Yes, it is a form of healing... just not the one I had previously been focused on. :0)
Because of the releasings that people have I decided it was wise to get me some further training, so am currently going to one of the local College's and taking Level I in Interpersonal Skills & Communication... or Introduction to Counselling, to you and me. Am with a nice group of folks, as well as having a really good tutor, so it's certainly proving to be interesting. It was also a huge step outside of my comfort zone and my levels of self-confidence have risen, and continue to rise, as a result: boundaries are in place, mainly due to a run-in with a rather overpowering female just before the course began (one day I will be able to thank her for the lessons, rather than wanting to brain her!); am finding it so much easier to speak up for myself, rather than bottling stuff up, and I don't go looking for confrontation but neither will I run away from it (as I used to). Not bad for someone who used to be an agoraphobic & suffered panic attacks. The old me, along with Elvis, has definitely left the building. ;0)
Once Level I finishes it'll be off to the enrolment desk, to sign up for Level II..... providing my tutor gives the OK for this. At the moment the end result isn't necessarily to become a fully fledged counselor working for an umbrella organisation - they wouldn't let me use mediumship etc, for one, which rather defeats the object - it's more about adding counseling skills to the "tool kit" to enhance what I already do and being able to help clients more fully, iykwim.

The home refurbishments have stalled somewhat this year. I have a set of shelves in my Craft Room now... but am waiting for a second set to be installed before things can really progress and the computer can be moved in there. It's been more baby steps in the DIY department, than strides - certainly no grand schemes. Yup, the front garden resolutely remains un-block paved, thanks to the delaying tactics of DH and the imcompetence of the waterboard.... even in these days of instant communication their departments were still unable to speak to one another to co-ordinate all that needed to be done. Many moons plus multiple phone calls later and they finally removed the old stop-cock from our drive and cut off the old supply pipe last month... only finally getting to it when DH pointed out that the old pipe was releasing stagnant water back into the water supply, thus contaminating it. So now we're into winter... totally the wrong end of the year for outside work like block paving. Never mind -  I WILL crowbar his wallet open next year.... though wading through the quagmire that is his parking spot on the front during a soggy summer and an even soggier autumn has kind of made an impression on him. I don't need to use me old psychic skills... as soon as the weather warms up I reckon there'll be chaps here pricing up the job and getting on with it. Prepare for flags flying, trumpets trumpeting and a party going on here when it's finally done! LOL

Lots of other minor stuff has happened that kept me busy and (occasionally) out of mischief. ;0)
Visits to the M,B&S events were high on the agenda this year... once again I went both days to the final one of the year at the Lincolnshire Showground, driving myself there and back on the Saturday, then going again with DH on the Sunday. What I also liked about going was.... using me new Student Card to get an even more reduced rate weekend pass. Yay! That almost made up for the seriously nasty pic the young lass took of me for it. Did she take it whilst I was happily smiling at her? NO. She didn't click until I'd got fed up of waiting and had stopped to give her a beady "Get on with it" look and when there was a backlog queue so I couldn't make her do it all over again without inconveniencing alot of other people. Anyways, I digress. The event was a good one. I attended the talks I wanted to on both days, with DH happily coming along too on the Sunday. On the Saturday I bumped into quite a few folks I knew who were also attending, so had some good chats with them, as well as a few of the regular stallholders. I had a very good reading from Simon Goodfellow on the Sunday, during which he gave lots of confirmation that I'm on the right track...  he also knew my biggest problem has been a lack of confidence in myself and my abilities. So it's time to put that behind me and get on with the work I'm supposed to be doing for Spirit... and I may well end up being one of the readers at the M,B&S events at some point in the future. :0)

I did have a bit of a health problem a month or so ago: a bad stomach flare-up that had me going to see the GP. Yup... I not only gave in and went there, I also actually took the month's worth of Lansoprazole pills I was given too. That will give you a good indication of how yuk I felt at the time. The pills sorted out the bad burning sensation at the top of my stomach that had been a real problem... plus I realised that an increase in the amount of fruit I'd been eating had been a contributing factor, so desisted in that. So much for eating fruit being healthy for you! Glad to say am feeling much better now. Since then, in the interests of wanting to be healthy - and due to the fact that I really can't manage to eat any more portions of veggies than I already do - I got DH to dig out our as-yet-unused-and-still-boxed juicer from the loft this week. It's now unboxed and cleaned... just need to find the user manual from that safe place he put it in now, to work out which bits to use for what. LOL In the meantime, I've found a couple of good juicing pages on FB - been checking out some of the recommended veg mixes and jotting them down, as well as nosing through the juicing book we bought ? years ago. If anyone cares to warn me about which mixes are really revolting and need to be avoided, feel free. :0)

Whilst I haven't gone any further with my Reiki... I have recently had a breakthrough in finding a Reiki Master to give me some treatment. That's only taken around 3 years, so not long LOL. ;0)  It's not being picky : it had to be someone I am happy to have treat me, as there needs to be a strong bond of trust; someone whose energies are compatible; a person who was working from their heart, not from ego.  It was worth the wait, as M did a lovely treatment on me last month, removing some unwanted build-up from various chakras... I could feel her pulling it all out, especially the one from my Crown Chakra (which I "saw" as well) - have been feeling far less drained ever since. Am going back for a second treatment next week... it's well worth travelling to Lincoln for, especially as DH will be taking the day off to drive me there so we can do some Christmas shopping afterwards. When he's taken me on this trip a couple more times I will have it set in my head... then I can drive myself there and back after that. Yes, another big step out of my comfort zone - one that needs to be done, as there are a couple of workshops being held in Lincoln in 2013 that I want to attend. Yep, planning on expanding my horizons in quite a number of ways and am looking forward to the new experiences they'll bring with them.

As for Yule... no tree or decs up yet. I had wanted to get them out and up last weekend but we got busy with other jobs, so it didn't happen. Which was probably a good thing, as the decs would have got in the way of the Virgin Media chap, who put in a new Tivo box today (5th)... as well as putting in an ordinary box in DS's room and a faster broadband link, with all the cabling that went with it all. It's amazing what ringing up to complain about the amount we were paying for what we were getting does! We don't have any set plans for this weekend, as yet, so fingers crossed the festive spirit strikes and it all gets done then. Either way, we're certainly all set for enhanced Christmas TV viewing this year. LOL

Thank you for visiting. :0)


Christine said...

Oh Karan, don't delete this blog, you never know when you might want to come back to it.
It's certainly been a year of changes in pace and direction for you but it sounds as if you are definitely set on the right course now.
Regarding the juicer, Eloise decided to make Daquiris this summer by blending together, bacardi, fresh strawberries and a little sugar. It tasted like pink cough medicine so that is one to avoid!

Julie said...

I hope 2013 is a fabulous year for you and the family Karan, new horizons beckoning to you all I think.
(Big hug) xxx

Stitchingranny said...

I do so hope your stitching mojo will decide that the holiday is over and it wants to return, you do some beautiful and often completely different pieces and I so love seeing them.
It is wonderful to see how much your confidence has grown and stretched in the last few years and I wish you all the best with your studies Karan.