Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Stash Acquisition and the New Start

Well, despite it not being gardening weather, I still don't seem to have got back into the swing of this blog thing at the moment. I am gradually catching up with everyone (still got a few to get to though... I will, so bear with me please) but the writing seems a bit of an effort at the moment and I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's because the stitching mojo is back and I'd rather be with my needle and thread in hand? :0)

I mentioned in my last post that I'd been acquiring new stash, courtesy of eBay..... despite the fact that I'm actually supposed to be selling items that I'm clearing out. Ah, well.... I don't drink or smoke, so take it as read that this is my harmless little vice. ;0) Here's what I succumbed to:

The two charts are courtesy of Christine. I couldn't resist the Honey one: it's for me, as I turn 50 next year... so when DS makes the inevitable cracks about it I will just point to this piece, as it says it all... although I will admit that I will be pointing with one very expressive finger LOL. ;0) The other chart is because I love reindeer and stag designs. The little kit is so I will have somewhere to put my MP3 player when I'm working around the house... most of my trousers and cardigans don't have pockets, so I don't have anywhere to put it at the moment and it would be nice to listen to some music to drown out the sound of the Dyson whilst vacuuming.

The acquisitions didn't stop there though... Sally decided to put temptation my way too, when she added a couple of Must Have charts to her sale album, right when I just happened to have some money in my PayPal account. It must be Fate says I..... so here they are:

Thanks again Sally.... delighted to have got my hot little hands on these. :0) Thankfully I do still have more items going than coming back in, so the space I cleared hasn't been filled..... well, not just yet, anyways. LOL

So that leads me to the new start. About flippin' time, I can hear you all muttering. LOL I must say I am really enjoying this stitch and it really has helped to kick start the old mojo again... and it's another item that's been in my stash for a while, so it's good to be crossing it off my Must Stitch Soon list. So, for your delectation, here it is:

Design: A Spot of Halloween
Designer: Midnight Stitching
Fabric: Sparklies 28ct evenweave, Pumpkin Patch
Threads: good old DMC 310 and B5200

 And to prove just how much I am loving this, here's the most recent update pic:

And it's grown a bit more since this pic was taken, thanks to another episode of V to watch. Yup, that mojo is definitely back. LOL

So what else have I been up to, apart from trying to catch up with a mammoth amount of blog posts? Well... I finally bit the bullet and had a drive out to The Range last week, extending my comfort zone even further. So, now I've done it once I can do it again... and the trip took me past the main Tesco, which means I know now that I can get there when the mood takes me. It may not seem a lot but this is another step in the long road of recovery from agoraphobia and panic attacks and getting back to normality... though me and the word normal don't quite equate somehow. LOL I bet you're all wondering whether the crafts section was the pull... nope, I needed some cereal boxes and other household bits and pieces, as well as a new address book for my craft room:

I spotted this one and a notebook that would go in there perfectly (though couldn't find a matching pair anywhere). Why do I need an address book in my craft room? Because it has a section in it for adding occasions, so is perfect for all the addresses and important days of my stitching and blog buddies, that's why. ;0) Though I do admit to buying a couple of items from the craft section whilst in there: some mount board card, to make those drawer dividers, for organising my kits into the filing cabinet, and some Duflex stickers that were in the sale. I call that being very restrained. LOL
Not a lot happening in the garden at the moment: too flippin' cold! Just a bit of trimming going on, weather permitting. Not a lot happening on the DIY jobs front in the house either: DH seems to be doing a fair bit more at the theatre... he'll be crewing for another groups performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's Yeoman of the Guard. Then he's been asked to Stage Manage the LTC's pantomime (that's in January)... he's getting a good reputation for being well organised and efficient, so they want to work with him. Meantime, I'm looking for a versatile handyman to do all the jobs he's not getting done. DS has a small part in the panto... but he gets to have a swordfight, so he's looking forward to that. His job hunt is continuing.
The Circle is going OK. We've done some lovely meditations recently, based on unconditional love, and they seem to be helping, as I was delighted to receive messages from Sh's Dad in Spirit last week that I could pass on to her. Unfortunately I haven't been able to discover whether this is me finally tuning in properly or just a fluke, as this weeks session has been cancelled - Aureen had a last minute hospital appointment to attend and wasn't going to be back in time. Never mind, it gave me the chance to have another trip out in the car during the day, this time to a different Post Office (more eBay packages to post), and then to Aldi to do some shopping, catching the edge of the school run traffic on the way home... good practice for me! Tomorrow I'll be getting my hair cut, which is much needed.... those curls are more like rat tails at the moment so, if I remember, I'll get DH to take a pic. No, I haven't totally forgotten that I'd promised to inflict show you a pic of me wearing my new specs. LOL
Right, I'm away to wrestle the TV remote out of DH's grasp and find something to watch so I can do some more stitching.... as I'm in on a Tuesday night I'd best show willing and go grab a UFO, otherwise Wanda and Mr Stick will be on my case. LOL
Thank you for taking the time to visit and for all the lovely comments about the tiger. Hope you're all staying warm and cosy and stitching aplenty. :0)


Miss 376 said...

Lovely to see you've been stitching again, now you've started we won't be able to stop you. Great to see you catching up on the blog too

Sally said...

Lovely new stash Karan. Thank you again for buying from me and enjoy stitching them:)

Love your new start. Looks like you have definitely got your stitchy mojo back!

Chars said...

Lovely new stash and I look forward to watching your progress.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new stash and a great progress on your new start.

Christine said...

I'm glad my charts found such a nice new home :)
The halloween spot sampler is growing really fast

Cath said...

Lovely new start ,and well done on the driving confidence,XX

Vinniey said...

Great new stash, Karan. "A Spot of Halloween" looks gorgeous. Looks like you really enjoyed stitching this piece, I'm sure you will show me more progress on it. :) Love your purple address book and notebook, perfect for your purple craft room. Just like you, I love purple color too. Enjoyed stitching your WIP, Karan.

Julie said...

Great new starts, i can understand the pull of that one, the fabric must be wonderful to stitch on

Nice new stash too, its sure to keep you busy on the dark, cold, winter nights

jane said...

Lovely new start Karan and some very nice new stash!
Well done on the driving - there's no stoppping you now is there!

Blu said...

Nice new stash! A Spot of Halloween looks great!

Brigitte said...

Isn't it great to know that the stitching mojo is back? Happened to me as well these last weeks and I'm stitching along on some little autumn pieces. I love your new start, looks very pretty.

Cheryl said...

Great stash! Ive been stitching again too and enjoying it -yeah!! Must be the cold, dark nights :-)

Siobhan said...

Nice new stash, Karan! Love the stitchy pics, too. :)

Lisa said...

Ooh, you've got some lovely new stash there Karan, enjoy.
I LOVE your new start, not seen this design before but it's gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of it.

Anonymous said...

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Mylene said...

Such beautiful new stash, Karan. And love the fabric you are using for the halloween sampler and great progress made too.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on each of my post Karan. I really appreciate them all. So glad you didn't forgotten me.
I hope you are having a good week.

Andrea said...

Karan...head over to my blog,Let's Get Crafty!,there is something for you. ( thecraftroom2.blogspot.com

Virpi said...

Your stash looks interesting. I have spent whole morning to search for my address book. Maybe it would be easier to buy a new one... I'm giving up when my 1,5 years old comes to help tearing everything I have emptyed from the bupboard... ugh.