Monday, 15 March 2010

Stash, Storage and Stitching

I was reading a post over on Sharon's blog - It's Daffycat - last week, about her fabric sorting and storage and decided, as I set about sorting my own fabrics and moving the storage containers into my Craft Room, to take a few pics to share while I was about it.

First up, from the first set of storage drawers, are all the backing fabrics.The top drawer contains the "every day" fabrics (mostly fat quarters) with some fat eighths (in bags) that also go in there:

Quite a wide variety, though the fat eighths selection is my favourite. The second drawer contains fabrics for my two favourite subjects to stitch for.... Halloween and Christmas:

The third drawer (not shown) contains the iron on Vilene, felts in various colours, wadding and stuffing. The fourth drawer (also not shown) has the bigger pieces of fabric for household projects and calico in it.

The second drawer unit contains all my cross stitch fabrics. The first drawer is full of 9 x 12/13 28count and the second holds the larger cuts:

Drawer three holds 32 and the higher count fabrics.... and I guess you get the idea as to which count of fabric I prefer to stitch on. LOL Drawer four holds aida and a little linen banding:

The third, and final, drawer unit has cardmaking things in the top three drawers but I haven't finished organising these so haven't bothered to take any pics. The bottom drawer of this unit holds items I can stitch on (such as tea towels and tiny Christmas stockings) and finishing items (eg a tuck pillow and floss tag rings and thread holders):

Finally, here's a pic of the cleaned and newly organised storage units in their new home:

They stand out like a sore thumb at the moment (wish the silver coloured ones were available when I first went for these!) but they won't be quite so obvious when the work table is put in over the top of them. Not sure how long that will take though.... we need to have the kitchen refitted first (that's on hold for now) as the new work table is the old breakfast bar. Now, Sharon, does that answer your question about fabric storage? ;0) LOL

It's also the time of the week for yet another update pic of Mother Earth. Nope, it's no use groaning.... there's no other stitching to show at the moment, so it's this or nothing. ROFL For some reason I just don't want to stitch on anything else, so I've just been going with the flow and keeping Her as my focus piece.

I've been working on the section between the second tree trunk and what is the start of a third tree trunk. My method of working for this has never been stitching each block of 10 stitches, as I find that awkward to do, though I know other folks work well with that approach. What I ususally do is pick a particular symbol and its relevant colour and keep on stitching it until all the ones I'm working on in a particular area are filled in... or until I get fed up and fancy a change, then choose another symbol and colour and do the same. It can look a bit bitty (as it does in this pic) but it does start to fill in a larger area quite nicely. I had hoped to get all of that area infilled this week but I've had a couple of nights where I haven't stitched at all (shock - horror! LOL), mostly due to being tired.... and stitching whilst tired usually ends up with a visit from the green one, so I avoid that happening whenever I can. :0)

I haven't started the Seba Blackwork SAL piece yet, as I've decided to wait until all the sections have been released and then start it - got a feeling it'll be one that will stitch up pretty quickly, so I won't lose much by doing that, and it lets me keep Mother Earth as my focus piece for a while longer. Yep, I am too easily distracted when I have lot's of WIP's on the go..... I'm blaming it on the menopausal brain fog. LMAO. I have still got to choose my fabric and threads for the JA/S&S Forum's Monthly Challenge piece, a lovely freebie from Plum Street Samplers called Be True. Now anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a real sucker for anything that has lovely, inspirational sayings on it.... and that I also love our feathered friends. As this is a combination of both it is a must stitch, so I shall be kitting this up to start soon. Of course, I won't be able to share a pic until Reveal Day. :0)

As for other things: DH enjoyed his run doing the sound for the Group 62 performance last week, though found it a little tiring.... and a little nervewracking when he went solo for the final two performances - reckon it won't stop him from getting involved in something similar again soon though. :0) I enjoyed the power of being in sole charge of the TV remote for so long.... it almost went to my head. LOL It got even more tiring over the weekend as it was a busy one, though exciting and also very enjoyable.

First up is the exciting news: DH and I took the car I liked for a test run on Saturday. Believe it or not, I've been and gone and done it.... I paid a deposit and signed the papers! It's being fully serviced and valeted this week and we go get her on Friday evening. *Huge cheesy grin* My new baby is a 2008 Kia Picanto Ice Ltd Ed in Diamond Blue. A nice little runaround with a small engine, very economical and perfect for my needs. So now all I've got to do is go get me some of those refresher lessons... fast. LOL I'll post a pic at some point. :0)

Sunday DH and I headed over to Elsecar Heritage Centre near Barnsley for the Mind, Body and Spirit event
being held there. It was a lovely day out, as these events always are, with some retail therapy involved and I had a card reading done (using different cards, not Tarot cards) with my usual reader - I go to her once a year for an in-depth reading that is always interesting and full of insights. I'll be doing a write up on my alternative blog about the day, as I know these things aren't to everyones tastes. We rounded the day off with our favourite meal: a take out curry from the local Indian restaurant.

Today it's been back down to Earth with a bump, as it's my regular jobs day. No rush to get them done today though, as my friend couldn't come for her regular herbal tea and natter session. Good job as I don't think I could have rushed, even if I'd tried - all that walking around over the weekend has left me feeling a little achey and tired. Yes, I still keep forgetting that it's only been four months since my op and end up overdoing things a little. That patience thing still keeps giving me trouble! ROFL So that's all the news for this time.

Many thanks to every single one of you who takes the time to read all my wafflings and for the lovely comments. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and had a gentle start to the week. :0)


Christine said...

I wish I could be organised. My stuff just kind of sits around in boxes and baskets, and, quite often, big untidy piles. Great progress on ME. I just started my monthly challenge, but I think it will stitch up quite quickly

Angela said...

You certainly sound busy.

A new car how exciting. I bet you'll enjoy the freedom it brings you to goi where you like when you like.

Love your storgae system. Whilst I have nowhere near as much stash as that I'm slowly getting to the point where I ned to conmsider a storage soloution before my fabric and bits and bobs take over the living room. My stash just keeps outgrowing my drawers, I'm sure I don't know how that happens!!

I stitch like you, whichever colour or bit of the pattern talkes my fancy. Stitching ijn blocks would drive me nuts.

jane said...

Oh Karan you are so organised - I have the same storage drawers, well I have the white ones and the silver ones but no sooner have I organised everything than it seems to muddle it self up
ME is coming on really well and looks lovely.
Congratulations on getting the new car, looking forward to seeing a picture of her.

DUSTY said...

Karan, I love the way you are organizing things in you new room. I need to do something here but just can't seem to find the ambition. sigh !!! ME is really taking shape. And it sounds like you had a wonderful week end. Take care.

Miss 376 said...

That all looks very organised, lol. Hope it stays that way. You were only 10/15 mins away from me at the weekend, I could have waved to you on the way past

Barb said...

oohhh nice fabbys Karan, Hmmmm like the idea of seperating into containers I have mine all together and it is a real pain when I am looking for a particular count , I can usually tell but anything from 32 upwards I have to get a ruler and pin lol. Love ME she is progressing so well ,I feel like that on my QC and ADD ,but the vine will keep nudging its way in.

Nic said...

I'm working on my stash organising at the moment, but I'm being stymied by out of stocks for shelves and stuff - bloomin' Argos certainly carry less stock than they used to!

Virpi said...

Your storage system looks so pretty. I love looking at how other stitchers has organized their stash. I wish I could have enough time to sort out my stash and I wish I would have proper storage system for it too or even better - a craft room! =)

Julie said...

WOWZA looks at all those nicely stored fabrics, dont they look lovely.

Congrats on buying the car.

ME has grown lots, i too stitch my HAED like you (when it gets let out the box!)

Stitchingranny said...

ME is progressing nicely.

With regards to stash well mine was organised but as my stash increased I am sure my cupboards shrunk and it now seems to spill out all round the room. Of course some of that maybe the recent addiction to card making and the fact that I have nearly as much stash for that as for stitching now lol.

DH has suggested getting rid of the cupboards and having shelving units that will hold far more but a little bit of me is unsure about that just yet so we shall see.

Ooh I hope you will take a pic of your new baby when you get it. I would love a new baby but my present one (which I have had for 12 years) runs like clockwork and it seems daft to change it while its behaving so well)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on the new car Karan!

Love how organized your fabric is, mine is in a basket but not that organized!

Sill loving to watch your progress on ME

Sally said...

Wow, Karan, you are getting nicely organised there.

ME is looking stunning. You're getting a lot done on her.

Can't wait to see the monthly challenge. I've just been and downloaded it. Not seen it before.

Daffycat said...

Woo, congratulations on the new car!

Awesome stash organization! Those drawers are quite handy. Love your fabrics ~ I spot some shamrocks in there, really cute!

Siobhan said...

Nice organization! I need to get better at being organized, but I stitch instead. LOL I like your progress on ME!

Karen said...

wow look at that fabric, sounnds like you are busy

Mylene said...

ME is looking gorgeous! I sure envy your stash and wow! You are really organized!

Tina said...

Wow,you are certainly organised Karan,no excuses now on your finishing lol
ME is coming on lovely,i would carry on with it whilst the going is good

Brigitte said...

Your new drawer unit looks terrific. And it offers amazingly big space. It must be so much fun to browse through all the great fabrics you own and look for the perfect one for a new project.

Vinniey said...

You're so organized. Congrats on your new car, Karan! And also congrats on a blog award. Please visit my blog for the award. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Karan!

Vinniey said...

Hi Karan, I would like to give you another award. Feel free to visit my blog to receive this award. :)

Clare - Aimetu said...

I love it - so tidy - do you fancy coming over to sort out mine :)

I have chosen you for the Sunshine Award, please pop to my blog to receive it :)