Friday, 26 February 2010

Stashing and Stitching

I realised after my last post was uploaded that I hadn't shared a pic of the charts I acquired last week, thanks to a trade with Maggie. I just couldn't resist these:

More goodies to keep me busy. LOL If I'm going to have a hope of getting through a reasonable proportion of my stash before I turn up my toes I'm going to have to keep stitching every single day from now on and never mind the risk of getting calluses on my behind from all the sitting that will involve. I reckon it'll be worth it, don't you? ;0)

I've posted my February progress on Sea Stars over on the Ink Circles blog but I'll post it here too, in case you don't follow it:

More added to that huge central motif...... and Nessie has finally made an appearance. I wanted to get Nessie done so I would know where the bottom of this large design is - I reckoned that knowing just how far I had yet to go might just act as an incentive. Not sure that theory worked though, as I haven't managed to pick it up again since. Oh well....... I'll get there eventually. :0)

I'm a bit late showing last week's progress on Mother Earth too (although I did post progress on the Weekly Sal Blog), so here She is:

Yep, most of the confetti is now done and She's fully dressed. I reckon you'll all be seriously sick of seeing this before I get that major league Happy Dance. LOL I do love this piece though and seeing each progress pic is an incentive for me to keep on going. :0)

So, what else have I been up to? Well I've finally picked up my Angel Flora for the JA/S&S Forum's Just Nan SAL and have taken a picture to prove it. So, just in case you are getting fed up of seeing the same old same old, here it is:

The colours in this are just so pretty. Am finding that the Kreinik braid can be a bit of a pig to stitch with but it's worth the effort, as it does add a lovely bit of sparkle to this piece. I do like this, so am going to try and make more time for stitching it.

I also remembered to take a pic of the card I made for my MIL's birthday before posting it:

A waterfall card, which is something new to me. They are OK to make, and I think she'll like it, but they're not something I would rush to do again, as I much prefer other cardmaking techniques. I did succumb to buying some KanBan goodies the other day though... really useful for making some male oriented cards. I'll post pics when I've made them up.

This week I've also managed to finally catch up with writing all the posts on my alternative blog - quite a feat as I was well behind with it. All the news about my acupuncture treatments and Development Circle are on there, plus I do occasional write ups on the esoteric books I've been reading...... basically, it's about all the stuff that isn't related to my stitching and other crafts. Of course, writing all of those posts kept me from blogging here..... and I'm also behind with reading and commenting over on all your lovely blogs. I'm hoping to get caught up with all your news in the next few days.... I need to, as I'm off on my travels again shortly: my DSis has another week's holiday and I'll be going over to spend some time with her again. There were a few things we wanted to do on my last visit but didn't have the time for.... so we're hoping to do some of them this time. I'm probably going over next Wednesday (DH's work permitting, so he can be chauffeur) and will be back some time over the following weekend, so I'll be behind with blog posting and reading once again. LOL :0)

The Craft Room has ground to a sudden halt, thanks to DH's job. There was a fire on the steelworks that damaged quite a few essential cables etc and it's been chaos as they try to get the necessary repairs done to get things working again..... lost steel production costs the company huge amounts of money, so the pressure is on to fix things in the minimum amount of time. He's been pulling 13 hour days since last Friday, including over last weekend - no fun for him at all and results in no time or energy for doing jobs here. He did take a day off on Thursday, to comply with the EU directives on working hours, so we managed to do a little shopping in the local High Street and then went looking at cars. I haven't found anything I like yet.... though it has helped me work out which styles of cars I don't like at all and firm up some better ideas of what I would like. There are still quite a few local car dealers we haven't looked round yet.... it's just having DH around long enough for us to go looking. Hopefully, weather permitting, we may get chance to look again tomorrow but not for long, as he is going to have to work his first night shift in years on Saturday night. Now that is going to be weird and I guess I'll be getting a lot of stitching and/or reading done if I end up not being able to sleep. LOL

As for the Craft Room.... I have taken a few pics but I'll leave them for another post, as this one is already getting long enough. Insert evil laugh here, as I keep the suspense going a little longer. ;0)

Thank you for all your lovely comments - I really appreciate every one of them. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, whatever your plans are. :0)


Mylene said...

I am loving the updates on Mother Earth, it is looking gorgeous!
Love the fabric you have chosen Angel Flora, so beautiful and a lovely card for your MIL.

Blu said...

Great stitching progress!
The card is very beautiful. I love the way the flowers are.

Miss 376 said...

I think progress pictures are a great way to keep motivated on the big pieces, it makes it so much easier to see what you have accomplished. Have a great time away

jane said...

Great to see your progress Karan and the card you made is lovely. I know what you mean about the amount of stash but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Nic said...

You're progressing well on your big projects - I wish I had the guts to attempt something like that!

Barb said...

Is this room a figment of my imagination Karan lol, there was I thinking this will be it,ribbon cutting time but disapointed again lol.Poor hubby I wont blame him for not getting it done for you- those hours must be a killer every day.Hope things get sorted for him soon.Wow love that fabric you are doing the angel on. Progress on ss some better than none.I love watching ME grow and will be sorry when she is finished.
I have la-d-da chart too,like the look of theQuaker one.
Take care and hope you sleep ok.

DUSTY said...

Nice stitching progress Karan. Mother EArth is gorgeous. You new stash pieces are great. happy Stitching !!!

Siobhan said...

Lovely stitching progress, and your card is wonderful! Love the trade with Maggie, too. :)

Sally said...

Wow, Karan, lovely progress on ME and SS and a lovely start on your JN.The fabby is so pretty.

Maggie said...

Great progress on Mother Earth & Sea Stars:-)

Have a great break, i'm dying to see the photos of your craft room so hope you post next time :-)

Tracy said...

I have eyed up that La D Da chart a few times. Beautiful stitchy updates your progress looks great and I love the card you made x

Julie said...

Nice new charts. Mother Erth is growing so lovely with each update pic. Nice card for MIL i hope she had a lovely birthday.
Hope things are settling down for hubby.