Sunday, 24 January 2010

Here She is Again

It's that time of the week again so it's time to show the latest update on Mother Earth. Unfortunately there's not a great lot of progress this time around as I've not been feeling too well all week and my DSis is having a crisis and is needing a lot of support while it gets sorted out.

So, without further ado, here She is:

In case you were wondering where exactly I've stitched: the tattoos on Her arm have been infilled; so have the confetti stitches up the side of it, as well as some of the ones up the side of Her chest; more of the area under Her arm has been done and a start made on the dress. Not huge progress...... but every little helps, as they say. :0)

You might guess that not much else stitching-wise has been done........ and you'd be right. LOL Sea Stars didn't get to come out to play and I haven't finished the Monthly Challenge piece or even started the Just Nan SAL piece. I'll get to them eventually.

I'll be going to stay with my DSis for a few days next week, when I should have (hopefully) shaken off this bug, to give her some more moral support. Mother Earth will be staying home, as it's too much hassle to take my magnifying lamp visiting too, but am trying to get a bit done on it before I go so there'll be an update to show next Sunday, as I should be back by then. I'll probably take Sea Stars and my Just Nan piece with me, in the hopes of getting at least a few stitches in. :0)

As for other news: my DS's classic Mini failed it's MOT big time earlier in the week, so is now off the road. It's uneconomical for him to fix it, so the hunt is on for another set of wheels.... it's pretty urgent too, as he needs to be mobile to be able to get out to work. Buses going out that way are few and far between and there's no one at work he could offer to car share with, as they all live in other areas, so it's going to be a combination of DH setting off earlier in the morning's to take him or DS paying for a taxi to take him in. DH went out with him today for a trawl round some of the local garages (car lots)...... and guess what they'll be doing next weekend too. Plus DS and his girlfriend broke up Saturday night, though it was mutually agreed to do so. Shame, as she was a nice lass, but if they're not suited then they're not suited.

The appointment with my herbalist on Saturday resulted in her suggesting that we've gone as far as we can with the herbs and that, at this point, I would benefit more from a course of acupuncture treatment to help with the menopause symptoms that are really starting to kick off now. I'm booked in for my first session in a couple of weeks time...... so I shall finally get to find out what a pincushion feels like! ROFL The Reiki session I had after my herbalist appointment was very gentle and really helped me to relax. I'm hoping Aureen will teach us a little about this at the Development Circle, as I'd love to be able to use the technique on myself and my loved ones when life throws out these curve balls. :0)

Meantime, I remind myself that though things are a tad stressful at the moment, life is a whole lot worse in other areas of the world..... and I count my Blessings once more and remember to do some of that positive thinking (thanks Julie :0) ).

Thank you for taking the time to visit and for leaving your kind comments. Hope you've all had a good weekend and that life is full of Blessings for you. :0)


Miss 376 said...

I hope thinks will calm down a bit this week and you'll feel better soon. Look forward to catching up with progress next weekend

Julie said...

I hope you are soon feeling 100% again and that you have a lovely visit with DSis.

{{big hug}} for DS, its still touch when a relationship breaks up even when its mutual

Good Luck in the car hunt too

Christine said...

Even a tiny bit of stitching is progress, and Mother Earth is looking fabulous.
Hope this week is a bit less stressful for you.

Elisa said...

Sending you {{hugs}} sounds like all is out to try you at the moment xx

Hope you manage some stitching time xx

Rachael said...

I do hope you feel better soon,(HUGS) and any progress is better than none!

Sally said...

Mother Earth is looking fantastic Karan!

I hope you are feeling much better now. Enjoy your time with your DSis.