Friday, 11 September 2009

A Surprise

Well I'd planned on showing pics of my recent eBay bargains this time but a surprise package in the post changed all that, as I felt the need to share that instead.

When the postie knocked I thought: Ooo my goodies have come - nice man. :0)
Well they had but among them was a rather big package. OK, I know my brain can have as many holes in it as a sieve at times but I definitely would have remembered ordering something of that size..... and I knew I hadn't.

OK, a quick look at the basic address details on the back and no Eureka moment hit. Oh, dear: maybe some poor eBayer seller had a severe brain fart moment and sent me the wrong goods?
Well, only one way to find out.... so I opened it. Now that did get me worried as this was the box I found inside:

Now I know the two fellas in this house can sometimes behave like a pair of big kids but I knew 110% that I hadn't ordered this just to prove that point....... not even in my most cynical mood. (Well, OK - maybe I might have got as far as popping it into the cyber basket...... but that's as far as I'd have gone. Honest! LOL)

None the wiser thus far there was no other choice: time to tackle the sticky tape holding the flap down and hope there was a name and address inside. Well I couldn't have some kiddy in floods of tears because he hadn't got his boxing thingy, could I? (I can hear you all shouting: Open the box! Open the box! Wasn't there a programme on TV with that? Hughey Green or some-such hosting? Sheesh, is that showing my age!) Carefully peeling back the tape so I wouldn't damage anything I opened the flap and peered in and spotted........... not a boxing thingy at all but a box of what looked like cardmaking goodies and a card. This was the fun card:

I never knew there were so many kinds of shed - did you? LOL Inside it revealed that the sender was none other than Lynn. She'd been having a sort out of her craft corner and knowing that I'm a keen card maker kindly thought of sending the surplus my way. How kind is that? Even kinder, knowing that we both share a love of owls, Lynn also included a rather nice kit of a barn owl too. Here are the contents all spread out:

Was that a collective chorus of "Finally!" I heard then? LOL It was like opening up Long John Silver's Mum's Treasure Chest for Crafters because, as you can see, there's a good mix of really useful bits and pieces. It took me quite a while to look at everything......... and some of those items I've already put to good use. :0)

Kindest of all were the lovely words that Lynn wrote in the card and they reduced me to a tearful, tissue clutching heap in about 10 seconds flat.

So a public and heartfelt thank you Lynn, for this unexpected but much appreciated kind gift, the lovely words and the boost it has given me - your timing was perfect. Cyber friends really are the greatest! :0)

May you all be Blessed with good friends, kind words and thoughtful acts. :0)


Mylene said...

WOW! What a lovely surprise. Enjoy!!

Christine said...

Oh they're sheds! I was wondering why someone had sent you a card with a picture of outdoor privvies ;D
Seriously, how kind of Lynn. It must have been a fantastic surprise

Lynn said...

I'm glad the parcel arrived safely Karan. I hoped the box would have you wondering rofl. I bought that for the two extra foster children and they loved it! I'm pleased that you can use the card making bits, it would've been a shame to throw them out :-). I hope you enjoy using them xxx

Karen said...

what a lovely surprise

Hazel said...

Wow what an amazing package! Lucky you. x

Siobhan said...

What a neat surprise! Enjoy!

jane said...

what a generous gift - enjoy your goodies Karan!

Julie said...

How lovely. That card is fabulous.

Nicola said...

Ooooo aren't surprises like that the best! I'm really going to show my age now, it was Michael Miles who asked contestants if they wanted to "open the box or take the money" on Take Your Pick.

Gaynor said...

Wow..what a fantastic surprise. I wonder if you can get a card of outdoor privies..for those you just cannot bring yourself to love hehe.
Seriously, thank you for such s humerous post..made me smile lots (hugs)