Monday, 6 July 2009

Monthly Christmas Ornie SAL - May

Please don't all faint in shock when you realise this is actually a stitching related post. That's right, stitching - so no, I haven't forgotten that this blog is actually called Karan's Craft Corner. LOL Just when I'd given up all thought of getting any stitching done the hot weather forced me to sit down and when I sit I can't just sit and do nothing, so......... I reached for my needle again. Yay!

The first thing to benefit was the overdue JA/S&S Monthly Challenge piece for June: the stitching for that is now completed and the outline bits for the other bits done, all that's left is something to stitch on the back and assembling it. Unfortunately no pics yet as I'm thinking of sending it off to a new home when it's done and I don't want to spoil the surprise. :0)

Next to benefit was the Monthly Christmas ornie. Now this had been stitched some time ago and all I'd done was dig it out of the cupboard and make a start on the finishing, so I grabbed some ribbons and beads and fully completed it at the weekend. So here it is:

Design: Christmas Bauble
Designer: Jayne Hall @ Jayne's Attic - Hardanger SAL
Fabric & threads: unknown, as supplied in the kit.
Finish: pinkeep style Christmas ornie

Not the best of pics, so I took another in the usual spot, to try and get a better view of it:

I backed it with some Kate's Kloth hand dyed felt, the same as used behind the wrapped bars. Not sure if it's quite worked with those colours but DH liked it and it will look pretty on the tree, so it'll do for me. :0)

Am now on with the Challenge for a Finish piece for July: sorry, no pics until after Reveal Day - and probably not until after I get back from my holiday. It was an easy choice this month: monochrome design, any design and any finish. I knew exactly what I wanted to stitch...... and it's another one that will be going to a new home when it's completed.

The second part for the JA/S&S Christmas Wishes SAL is ready for stitching...... unfortunately, thanks to the missing mojo, I haven't gotten around to doing the first part yet. Plus Clare's Hardanger SAL has just started too, so there are also some kloster blocks that need to be done soon........ methinks it's going to be a tad busy in this house while I try to have a frantic catch up with everything and get the sorting and packing done. What do you reckon my chances are of achieving that? ROFL

Not much to tell you about the weekend: it was much quieter and more relaxing - just what was needed! I had a Reiki treatment on Saturday morning (will post about that on my other blog) whilst DH took the bag of bits to the Hospice Charity shop and did a little shopping. DS took the box of books to the Hospice Bookshop for us and disappeared for much of the day. Sunday DS went off first thing with Alex and her kids to an Open Day at a farm and it was a pottering day for DH and me - not quite sure what we did but the day seemed to disappear on us pretty quickly. DH and DS went off to help out with a Rising Stars production in the evening, so I was in charge of the TV remote that night and guess what I found to watch: a Most Haunted Murders (spin-off from Most Haunted), Living With the Dead and a Most Haunted programme. Yay! Been ages since I indulged in a paranormal viewing session and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :0)

A big thank you to Mylene, Barb (no blog), Sally and Rachael - you know why. :0) I won't say any more for now but will share with everyone later in the week.... meantime, I'm being good. LOL

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for all the lovely comments. Hope you all had a great weekend and a pleasant start to the week. :0)


Maggie said...

Well now you've finished your sorting for the charity shops do you want to come and do mine, lol.

Cute finish, it'll look good on your tree :-)

Miss 376 said...

So good you are back to the stitching again. I found it difficult when it was really hot, but now it is cooler, let's get stitching. Look forward to catching up with all your finishes

Karen said...

nice orni, sounds like you have had a good clear out
wonder why you are being so good lol ;o)

Christine said...

I'm off to hit the charity shops today, I should get you to give me a few tips, you always seem to get such a good haul!
Your hardanger orni is really pretty and unusual

Julie said...

Lovely ornie finish.

It so much cooler now, i do hope the mojo is back on track.

P.s Mr Stick said to remind you its Tuesday LOL

Anonymous said...

Well done on getting the ornie finished, I still need to do mine for June!!
I need to have a major clear out soon, I am overrun with clutter!!

Siobhan said...

Lovely stitching! Good for you for doing an ornament, too! I always fall very short on my ornament goals.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Karan, that's a beautiful ornament! I look forward to your future reveals!

Mylene said...

Lovely ornament!!

It's over midnight over here so your birthday starts.... I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday and hope you have a wonderful day.

I'm afraid i won't be on time later today as we will be doing the last minute packing and we will be catching the first ferry on thursday for our visit to my family in Asia. It will gonna be a couple of days travel....

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Karan!!! I hope you are having a fantastic day!

Love the ornie. It's so pretty!

Andrea said...

Birthday?!! A very Happy Birthday Karan. :) A lovely ornament. Is there anything left in your house? :)